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About my Fit & Flexy Program

Fit & Flexy Program is a workout program for everyone. If your goal is to become more strong, flexible and overall more confident in your movement, this is a chance for you to reach your full body’s potential.

In this program you will get 20 follow-along trainings.

Recommended Schedule

Cardio workout
Full body strength
Full body flexibility


When you purchase the program, you will get monthly access to all 20 follow-along workouts. You can watch any video as many times as you like, whenever you want. You have 30 days to complete 20 workouts, so you have 2 rest days each week. If you prefer longer trainings and training less times per week, then I suggest you do two trainings together and you can skip the warm-up part in the second workout, if you’re doing it right after the first one.

For every workout you will need a workout mat and a glass/bottle of water, and for some workouts you will need a towel, a chair, access to a wall or a door, and you can use some yoga blocks or thick books if you have them (these are optional).

You can start with the classes from the beginning, with first week classes first, then continuing with the second week and so on, but this is not necessary. You can do the classes in your own order if you’d like.

Your Feedbacks

I’ve never liked backbends so I started the class a little afraid. It totally surprised me🙌, I felt the movements built up slowly , progressive and with the perfect intensity. Bridge never felt better! Thank you 👏
I was suuuper impressed by the amount of exercises for only a 30 minute session! Totally focused on everything for the bridge. So sooo glad I am doing this Fit & Flexy program to get back on track!
I love how diverse the exercises are, even for warm-up. Feeling stronger already 💪🏼
I dis the abs workout two days ago and I had the biggest muscle ache ever 😂 and today I did legs and booty and splits, I was dripping of sweat! Felt so good 😄
You’re an amazing teacher! It’s the first time I do two workouts in a row, I just love your technique and your teaching 😍 getting fitter and stronger and I’ll join for some pole too ❤️
Katy Simona
It was perfect ✨ I love your workouts and stretching sessions 🌸 I feel amazing after every lesson 💪🏼You are such an inspiration 🤍 Thank you from the Czech Republic
I’m literally getting up and doing it. I guess I just needed something to pop up out of nowhere and give me clear orders: 20 minutes, simple exercises, no excuses! Lol thank you!! xx
I just did this one and maaaan I am getting lower in my splits 😍 still struggling but I can see a little progress. I have to take pics next time 😍😍
I’m loving the program over all, it’s really nice and balanced! Exactly what I’m looking for. I keep repeating the mobility moves you include in each workout almost daily too😻
I thought I had strong legs and booty already, but this hurt😹
Omg I just want to say a big THANK YOU for creating this video. I did this after my workout and it was THE BEST BACKBEND EXERCISESI’VE EVER TRIED. Not only it makes me feel soo good but although never tried it before, I actually could hold a chest stand! I only trained my back using needle scale before and it’s sooo painful that I hate and dread it everytime but this one here is mind-blowing! ❤️❤️❤️ Keep doing what you do!
Kira Kaylene
Loved it! I’m nee to back bends (I can’t even hold a bridge lol) so it was challenging 🔥🔥😍
Done✅🙌🏼 was a tough day today, but exercising anyway got me some more energy 😊❤️
Uuummm, fyi, @tjasaskubic_poledance your workout today was a BLAST ❤️ #fitandflexy
Fit & Flexy Program is kicking me out of my comfort zone and it feels so good ❣️ I really didn’t know I could do this pose and I’m so happy with it😱. I can’t describe you this feeling when you start to see your toes 🤩 Bridge is getting better too, I mean I feel more comfortable in it, but there’s still some work to do 💪🏼
Loved this lession thank you ❤️
Tjaša, you are amazing! I just did your first two workouts and when I did your stretching routine, I could nearly touch the floor!!!! 😱😱 I was NEVER able to get that close to it especially not when I didn’t do any workouts for a month and of course neither any stretching. So that means I was never really that warm or never tried to push myself like I did when you were “training” with me. Thank you so much 😊it realy motivates me to keep pushing my limits 🙏🏼 I am looking forward to your other workouts 💋💋💋 kisses from Germany
This morning I did a stretch routine from Tjaša’s new Fit & Flexy Program and it felt so good ☺️ I didn’t stretch that much in the past few months and I’ve missed it! I haven’t felt the best regarding my body lately, but stretching has that relieving effect on my mind and makes everything disappear for a moment.

Send Questions or Feedback

If you will have any questions regarding some exercises, you can send me a direct message  on Instagram or send me an email. You can send me your questions anytime and I will answer you within 24 hours. If you would like to get my personal feedback on your execution, you can film yourself and send me a video.